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Science enables children to discover and investigate the world around them and to satisfy their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We aim to encourage children to think independently and to explore scientific ideas through investigation and experiments. 


The scientific areas studied link where possible to our themes, enabling us to make the abstract more meaningful. We are committed to developing the aspects of Working Scientifically across our school and children are given many opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills in this area. Virtual school trips, visitors to school that have a science background and our science weeks enable the knowledge and skills to be further developed.

Children work on a progressive science curriculum which is rich in scientific knowledge and are given the opportunity to conduct investigations as often as possible. Scientific enquiry becomes steadily more progressive to enable the children to be prepared well for science lesson in year 7 and beyond. 


Scientific language, particularly linked to scientific enquiry is promoted across the school. This further supports the development of knowledge and skills.

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