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In Design Technology, it is our intent that pupils develop a critical understanding of the design process and the impact of Design Technology on daily life, so that they can contribute to the creativity, culture, wealth and wellbeing of the wider world. Pupils will achieve success through risk taking, becoming resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens. 


Children are encouraged to seek to nurture their own creativity and innovation through design, and to explore the made world in which we live and work.  They will think critically, drawing on knowledge from disciplines such as mathematics, science, art and computing, while developing the belief that they can design and make their own products to solve real and relevant problems. Children work with a range of materials and for a variety of purposes. 


We have a cookery room which is used by all pupils and with children in Reception regularly taking full advantage of the space. Year 5 has been lucky enough to be supported by a Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and year 6 take part in food revolution day. As part of Cheltenham’s MasterChef project – St James’ competed against a large number of local schools, cooking a meal from scratch after a series of workshops from trained staff and with Creed Catering. One of our pupils was lucky enough to win the title of MasterChef champion previously, cooking at the Cheltenham Food Festival. 

Children cook a range of foods with a focus on healthy and savoury products and the school provides links to food and charity and poverty through a Fair Trade Fortnight and looking at food that has taken it’s influence from around the world, especially in out Tea Party – which celebrated Tea and snacks from around the world. 

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