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Mathematics is an important element of everyday life. At St James’ we aim to give all children positive and fun experiences that will enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject. We place a strong emphasis on the four rules of number as well as other core skills such as shape and space, algebra and statistics. All this is done in line with the National Curriculum. In maths lessons and throughout the day children are provided with problem solving activities, relating to real life situations – that give opportunities to use and apply their skills and knowledge.


Alongside explicit maths lessons, where they learn both written and mental methods, we aim to include mathematics in our cross curricular activities, using practical, hands-on experiences wherever possible. We also add regular maths MOT sessions to promote fluency.


The school uses approaches from the GLOW maths and our ongoing research groups to develop our teaching and learning in mathematics – here children start each session with a problem and ‘journal’ their thoughts and workings to solve extend their learning. This has a positive impact in our mathematical learning. 


Children who have not grasped the concepts taught that day/week will be able to revisit elements to secure learning in the afternoons or through in-class support so that all pupils are ready for their next lesson. In many lessons children journey through our ‘Do it, Twist it and Stretch it’ approach.

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